Things Given

Start giving things away to see just how fulfilling GiveAway can be. We make getting rid of things in your house that you no longer needed both quick and easy. Try it out! We’re positive you’ll love it.

What should I give away?


  1. Give away everything that no longer brings you joy
  2. Give away items that might be useful to someone else. The more interesting the stuff, the greater the amount of Karma you’ll receive for it, which you can use to find things that will be useful to you!
  3. Give away good quality items that are worth coming to pick up. Show respect to others and their time.

What’s the best way to give stuff away?

  1. Add several items into one posting  if they might be interesting to the same person or sold as a set.
  2. Take good photos. Use a light background and make sure you’ve got good lighting. Be creative!
  3. Be honest describing flaws and condition of the items — the people bidding know it is used. That’s the point!
  4. Indicate the size if you are giving away clothes or footwear.
  5. Specify the urgency. The sooner you need to give it away, the less time the item will be in the feed, and the fewer bids it will receive.
  6. Describe the item creatively. Engaging stories or humor connected with the item are the key to success.
  7. If the winner takes too long to respond, tap “Re-award”.

What’s the best way to receive items?

  1. Check the app for new things every day, so you don’t miss anything. Urgent items are added for one hour and you can often claim them for free (without using any Karma).
  2. Use the settings of the map at the top to view items that are closest to you.
  3. It’s very important to only bid for things that you will be able to pick up in the near future, otherwise they will be re-awarded to someone else.
  4. Tap on the distance to the item to see where exactly to pick it up.
  5. Find out where and when to pick up an item as soon as you win it. Refuse it immediately if you are unable to pick it up or have changed your mind. Show respect to other users and the giver’s time.
  6. Feel free to smile and thank the giver profusely for your new treasure :)
  7. If the giver does not reply for more than 24 hours, cancel the bid. Good news: all of your Karma will be refunded if this happens.
  8. Always tap on “Item received” as soon as you have picked it up.

How can I improve my Karma?

  1. Give stuff away.
  2. Share links to interesting items, and don’t forget about the “Invite friends” button. You’ll receive +1 Karma for every new user who signs up.
  3. Support the GiveAway project if you like it, and receive a bonus to your Karma.


What should I do if something goes wrong?

  1. Be patient and show understanding. If something serious goes wrong, we want to help you. But if you have a miscommunication, or there is a bug, remember the generous spirit of GiveAway. The world isn’t perfect. We’re not perfect. But we are working on improving every day, and we know our users are working to make the world a better place every day, too!
  2. Inform our support service of the details and we will try to help.

Happy hunting and good luck giving you stuff away! :)