SERVICE RULES (June 01, 2022)


These SERVICE RULES of GiveAway service (hereinafter - the Service) are an integral part of the TERMS OF USE of the Service, the current version of which is located here:


The administration reserves the right to block user accounts for violating the Rules, including for a systematic violation of the items placement rules (publication). The administration reserves the right to block access to the Application to any User at its own discretion and without explanation, in particular, due to numerous complaints from other Users, as well as in case of committing the actions which are detrimental in nature to other Users or the Service.


Please note that Karma, as well as any bonuses/points provided by the current mechanics of the Service, obtained by fraud and / or by abuse of the right, or in violation of these Rules, are subject to immediate withdrawal.


The Service Administration also reserves the right to carry out additional verification activities, in particular, to request additional information from the User, confirming the User's compliance with the established Rules.


Section I. Service Mechanics.


1. Post the same or similar items, regardless of the specified location or selected category, including through different accounts;

2. Make attempt to circumvent the mechanics of the auction;

3. Register multiple accounts by using simulators;

4. Transfer Karma (or any other currency, real or virtual) to other Users directly;

5. Systematically (three or more times during the month) sabotage the results of auctions, in particular by:

5.1. refusal to transfer the item to the winner;

5.2. refusal to take the item by the winner;

6. Use in personal data provided (photo, name, surname), as well as when communicating with other Users (including requests for technical support and appeals to the administration of the Service):

6.1. obscene expressions;

6.2. false information, including introducing yourself as a “administrator”, “moderator”, “support team member”, “manager”, “developer”, etc.;

6.3. expressions with extremist content;

6.4. expressions calling for violence;

6.5. advertising and contact information (phone numbers, website addresses, etc.).

7. When communicating with representatives of the support or the administration, it is inadmissible to allow behavior that goes beyond generally accepted norms, in particular, allow yourself to be rude.

8. Use by one User of several accounts at once;

9. Use the Service or Service elements for commercial purposes without prior permission from the administration and without using the functionality directly provided for this (for example, registering as a business user);

10. Reproduce the design or user interface elements of the Service when creating web or mobile applications or conducting any commercial activity;

11. Register as a User on behalf of or instead of another person ("fake account"), distort information about yourself and your age;

12. Mislead regarding one’s own identity using the login of another registered User;

13. Use the software and carry out actions aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of the Service;

14. Use automated scripts (programs) to collect information from the Service without special permission from authorized representatives of the administration;

15. In any way, including, but not limited to, by deceit, breach of trust, hacking, try to gain access to the account of another User;

16. Carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of other persons;

17. Use the Service for other purposes or in any other way, except through the App interface;

18. Post any other information and / or items that, in the personal opinion of the administration, are undesirable, do not meet the goals of the Service, infringe on the interests of other Users or for other reasons are undesirable for posting on the Service;

19. Request any remuneration for the goods given - both in description and/or in personal dialogue with the winner of the auction (except for those cases when it is expressly allowed and provided by the functionality of the App);

20. It is strictly forbidden to delete an item for no reason and re-post (publish) it again, as well as cancel the transaction and re-post (publish) an item to increase the amount of Karma (or any other currency, real or virtual) given for it.


Section II. Requirements for photographs and information provided.

1. The unreasonable use of words that attract attention is prohibited (for example: “Attention”, “Promotion”, “Discounts”, and so on);

2. The indication of value in a description that is real, minimally acceptable or expressed in Karma (or any other currency, real or virtual) is strictly prohibited;

3. Photos, names and descriptions of items should not contain any contact information: phone number, address, site name, nicknames, as well as other contact information, names of instant messengers or communication methods outside the Application interface;

4. Photos must be of good quality, consistent with the title and description of the item. It is forbidden to use images of poor quality, frank, frightening or aesthetically unacceptable (including naked or defiantly dressed people, diseases, mutilations, disasters, animal and human corpses, etc.);

5. Photographs must be taken by the author of the post (publication), must not contain logos, watermarks and other elements of other Internet resources or print catalogs.

6. It is forbidden to post photographs created using the layout technique (several images putting together in composition).


Section III. Items.

Forbidden to post:

1. Items, which are prohibited goods (Appendix 1 to these Rules);

2. The same or similar items, regardless of the specified location or selected category, including through different accounts;

3. Items of non-existent, irrelevant or consumerless goods.

4. Items containing advertising information (advertising of a company, store, Internet resource or unreasonable use of trademarks of well-known brands, with the exception of items falling under the category of “promo” in the Service);

5. Items for the purpose of buying, exchanging or selling, except for those cases when it is expressly allowed and provided by the functionality of the App;

6. Items with information related to the different goods and services from various categories;

7. Items with a description that does not provide an exhaustive picture of the goods or services;

8. Items with knowingly false statements with regard to the product or service capabilities (the name and description of the item must correspond to the goods depicted, etc.);

9. Item with information related to animals in the category different from the category "Animals";

10. Items with information that:

10.1. contains threats, discredits, insults, defames honor and dignity or business reputation or violates the privacy of other Users or third parties;

10.2. violates the rights of minors;

10.3. is vulgar or obscene, contains pornographic images and texts or scenes of a sexual nature involving minors; contains foul language, swear words and expressions that are not related to foul language;

10.4. contains information on animal cruelty;

10.5. contains a description of the means and methods of suicide, any incitement to commit it;

10.6. propagandizes and / or promotes incitement to racial, religious, ethnic hatred or enmity, propagates fascism or ideology of racial superiority;

10.7. contains extremist materials;

10.8. promotes criminal activity or contains advice, instructions or guidelines for committing criminal acts;

10.9. contains data of limited access, including, but not limited to, state and commercial secrets, information about the privacy of third parties;

10.10. contains advertisements or describes the attractiveness of drug use, including “digital drugs” (sound files that affect the human brain through binaural beats), information on the distribution of drugs, recipes for their manufacture and tips for using;

10.11. is fraudulent in nature;

10.12. violates the intellectual rights of third parties;

10.13. contains spam, including a simple set of letters in the name or description of the item;

10.14. indicates non-existent goods or goods without consumer value;

10.15. violates other rights and interests of citizens and legal entities or the requirements of the legislation;

10.16. describes how to make money on the Internet;

10.17. contains information about casinos, sweepstakes, any gambling and betting;

10.18. contains a description of the financial pyramids;

10.19. is a political advertisement.

























Prohibited goods and services (Appendix 1 to the Service Rules as of April 01, 2020)


Please familiarize yourself with the list of goods and services that are not allowed for publication on the Service. Posts containing information on goods / services from this list are deleted without the right of restoration or are not allowed for publication. In the event of a systematic violation of the Rules, the administration reserves the right to block the user account without prior notice.


I. Medicine and health

1. Medical services (for example, nutrition, psychotherapy);

2. Medicines;

3. X-ray and MRI equipment, equipment for radiation therapy, devices using radioactive substances;

4. Traditional medicine methods;

5. Human organs and tissues, donor services, surrogate mother services, breast milk;

6. Medicines (including homeopathic and Ayurvedic), herbs, plants and other natural remedies, the medicinal properties of which are widely known; biologically active additives (including sports nutrition, isotonic drinks, slimming products), vitamins; medicines and vitamins for animals;

7. Contact lenses;

8. Poisonous substances, as well as other similar chemicals that may harm human life or health;

9. Products representing a potential hazard to human health.


II. Tobacco, alcohol, drugs

1. Tobacco, tobacco products (including those intended for consumption by heating or evaporation) and any smoking mixtures, as well as certificates, discount coupons or promotional codes for their purchase;

2. Smoking accessories (including electronic cigarettes, electronic nicotine delivery systems, devices for heating tobacco or nicotine-containing liquids, vapes and consumables for them, pipes, any hookahs, cigarette paper, lighters, except for lighters for collecting), as well as certificates, discount coupons or promotional codes for their purchase;

3. Alcoholic products, ethyl and methyl alcohol (including synthetic, technical and food alcohol), alcohol-based antiseptics;

4. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, their precursors, as well as any products for their use;

5. Potent and toxic substances.


III. Flora and fauna

1. Animals, plants and other organisms that are extinct or listed in the Red Books or in any another list of protected species of the animal and plant world, or protected by international treaties (including, but not limited to the Convention on International Trade endangered species of wild fauna and flora, signed in Washington as of March 3, 1973 (CITES)), their parts and derivatives (stuffed animals, skins, bone trophies and etc.), any goods from them (clothing, accessories, interior items, food, etc.), as well as animals and other organisms, the contents and use of which are prohibited by the legislation of any country where the Service is located;

2. Goods and services that can be used for poaching and other illegal catching of animals, birds or fish (for example, electric fishing rods, fishing nets, catching traps, services for the attraction of animals); any goods received as a result of such activity;

3. Goods and services involving the use of animals for cultural and entertainment purposes;

4. Any goods and services that may be directed at the cruel treatment of animals or birds;


IV. Financial services, products, tangible and currency assets

1. Financial services, assistance in obtaining of such services and financial intermediation;

2. Goods and services related to the activities of forex dealers (including equipment, consulting, training);

3. Foreign currency and other currency assets, coins and banknotes in circulation, with the exception applied to numismatic purposes;

4. Cryptocurrencies and services related to their circulation (consulting, training, etc.);

5. Securities, with the exception of securities for the collecting-related purposes with a clearly indicated expired date or a note (mark) of invalidity / cancellation / redemption;

6. Precious metals, natural precious stones and pearls (excluding jewelry made of such precious stones and metals);

7. Real estate abroad;

8. Personal documents, official and public documents, limited-issue forms;

9. Vehicle registration documents;

10. Smuggled goods and/or stolen property;

11. Wanted vehicles; vehicles without registration documents;

12. Fake banknotes and fake postage stamps;

13. Fraud, extortion, request or offer of financial assistance and support in any form, including the announcement “I will become a sponsor”, “I am looking for a sponsor”, “I will provide material support”, “I am looking for material support”, “commerce” and the like;


V. Intellectual rights.

1. Pirated products (for example, unlicensed films and games);

2. Digital devices with illegally replaced software or with disrupted operation of technical protection equipment initially installed by the copyright holder (for example, smartphones, tablets or navigators with firmware);

3. Testers and other promotional products not intended for sale;

4. Items that the User is not entitled to transfer. The transfer of goods and the provision of services is prohibited, if official request related to such goods or services was sent to the administration from the copyright holder of the trademark or patent holder.


VI. Weapons, protective equipment.

1. Explosives, pyrotechnic materials (for example, fireworks, salutes, smoke bombs);

2. Fire protection means, including mobile means akin to shields, as well as means providing stable mechanical protection, with the exception of means intended for protection during sport activities or for individual protection for labor-related activities;

3. Products designed to suppress riots and dispersal of processions, including appropriate vehicles and equipment, with the exception of products intended for firefighting;

4. Weapons:

4.1. Weapons, including: gunshot, pneumatic, cold, hunting, traumatic, gas, electroshock, throwing, sports, signal, collection, deactivated;

4.2. Spare parts for any type of weapon, including: main and non-main parts, barrels, receiver, bolt frames, bolts, bolt guards, butt stocks, handguards, arms, shops, muzzle devices (silencers, flame arresters, moderators), parts and trigger components, blades;

4.3. Any types of cartridges;

4.4. Active self-protection means: batons, stun guns, brass knuckles, aerosol and light-sound devices, gas and pepper sprays, etc.;

4.5. Structurally similar to weapons products;

4.6. Combat vehicles.


VII. Other prohibited items.

1. State awards, pads and trims for them, as well as copies and models restricted in circulation by the legislation of any country where the Service is located;

2. Campaign materials, ballot papers and other goods and services related to the exercise of political rights; job search and offer in such sector of employment;

3. Extremist materials and goods (items) with Nazi symbols;

4. Proposals related to lotteries, games based on risk or betting, including equipment for their conduct;

5. Sex toys and other erotic or pornographic materials and products, means of contraception;

6. Any goods and services with limited or prohibited circulation, or which may be aimed at violating the laws of the respective country where the Service is present:

6.1. Contact or credentials, including phone numbers, email addresses, accounts of instant messengers, social networks, blogs and forums, games and other services (for example, Skype, Steam, iTunes, Google Play); contact database;

6.2. SIM cards and services associated with mobile phone service providers connection;

6.3 Magnets for illegal metering, quick-detachable frames for license plates for cars, anti-tow trucks, services for illegal adjustment of speedometers, universal keys for intercoms, code grabbers, electric meters with remote control, anti-radars, anti-bugs and similar technical devices;

6.4. Diagnostic cards without actually conducting a technical inspection of the car and other similar offers;

6.5. Real estate with a ban (restriction) on registration actions; property under arrest;

6.6. Goods and services related to the illicit trafficking or falsification of automobile license plates or documents for vehicles, or other official documents that grant rights or relieve oneself of obligations (for example, government certificates, licenses, permits, signs, passes, controlled-issue forms), with the exception applied for goods for collection purposes only with a clearly indicated expired date or invalidation / cancellation / redemption mark;

6.7. Ready-made diplomas, dissertations, etc., as well as writing services; cribs (crib watches, crib handles and the like);

6.8. Spamming bases, goods and services that may contribute to unauthorized content distribution; parsing, including, but not limited to offering services and/or software;

6.9. Goods with information about distance selling, if distance selling is prohibited;

6.10. Goods and services without registration, certification, licenses or permits, when receipt is mandatory;

6.11. Food products with an expired shelf life, or in violation of storage standards, other sanitary and epidemiological standards, or food products with damaged original packaging, if such packaging is provided and necessary, or food products requiring special conditions for transportation, storage and sale within strictly regulated terms (perishable food products recognized as such in accordance with the legislation of the respective country where the Service is present);

6.12. Used or expired (if applicable) personal care and hygiene products (toothbrushes, shaving machines, etc.), cosmetics, and underwear.

6.13. Boxes from tablets, mobile phones, laptops, empty warranty cards without an offer to give away the device itself.

6.14. Promotional codes (the right to purchase goods / services at a discount or on special conditions), codes / links for participation in referral programs (with the exception of promotions and referral programs approved by the administration).

6.15. Devices for unauthorized interference or unauthorized use of telecommunication networks, metering devices for electric energy, gas, water supply (including devices that stop or distort the operation of meters);

6.16. Cryptographic equipment, technical equipment intended for eavesdropping and other tacit receipt of information, as well as related documents;

6.17. Goods aimed at circumventing the rules / norms established by law;

7. Other goods (works, services), production (execution), the transfer, use or advertisement of which are aimed at violating applicable law or misleading third parties, are either prohibited or limited by the legislation of the respective country where the Service is present, or by GiveAway administration decision.


VIII. Other prohibited services

1. Delivery services of goods and items prohibited for publication herein;

2. Services of an intimate nature (for example, escort services, erotic massage, striptease, nude photo shoots, etc.), job search and offer in such sector of employment;

3. Employment services for citizens of the respective country where the Service is present abroad, as well as services related to the training of citizens of such countries abroad;

4. Job offers without formalization; services associated with the registration of organizations (company) on a straw person; services, job search and offer related to the fictitious implementation of the functions of the executive body in a legal entity; offers related to the fictitious registration at the place of stay;

5. Dating services;

6. Hourly rental of houses and apartments;

7. Multi-level (network) and direct marketing;

8. Announcements on the hiring of employees without indicating official data on the employing company or employer;

9. Mass mailing services (inl. SMS);

10. Services associated with the unauthorized use of information and technologies (for example, hacking accounts, cheating votes and/or likes (with regard to social networks) and other hacking or cheating services, spamming services, unauthorized copying of content);

11. Services (activities) of hypnotists, psychics, fortune-tellers, spiritists, astrologers, sorcerers, soothsayers, other persons who declare themselves or are considered capable of predicting events, affecting people, the spiritual world, property or environment through the use of supernatural abilities or forces, and also magic items produced by the above-mentioned persons (amulets, etc.);

12. Search for agents / dealers / supplies / distributors;

13. Schemes from the category "How to get rich quickly";

14. Services associated with participation in the so-called financial pyramids, i.e. financial entities formed on the basis of attracting new members, and in which the main (or sole) source of income is the entrance fees paid by them;

15. Services associated with provision of loans, credits, loans and financing;

16. Collection services;

17. Ad placement services;

18. Services related to the mobile phone top-up through the transfer of funds, accrual of bonuses;

19. Offers of services of manual and program placement or distribution of announcements (posts, publications) on any resources, as well as vacancies associated with such activities;

20. Services for the replacement of licensed software or related to the disruption of the means of technical protection of digital technology initially installed by the copyright holder (for example, firmware, unlock, jailbreak);

21. Booking services related to the electronic queue, services to expedite the receipt of official documents (state documents), consulting on obtaining such documents, and other services, including intermediary services, related to the processing of such documents;

22. Proposals related to the performance of religious rites, cults, the activities of religious associations, sects;

23. Other services prohibited or limited to be provided in accordance with the law.