Things Given

GiveAway allows you to quickly give away things you don’t need and get things you do. Pretty fulfilling, right? It also provides endless hours of entertainment via browsing through other people’s stuff. Try it and you might discover something you didn’t even know you needed! 


To make things easier, we automatically show you stuff that’s nearby while our unique auction system determines the winning bidder.


Giving items away is much easier than selling them. You can add an item in just a few taps. Only the automatically selected auction winner can send a message to the giver. Then the winner will come and pick up the item.


To keep things fair, everyone’s awarded Karma. Users earn Karma by giving away items and spend it on items they covet. Using Karma, you can claim interesting items in the app. The more interesting your item is, the more Karma other users will spend to make it theirs.


That’s how items are given away: the giver adds the item and just waits. Other participants from the city see the item in the feed marked as “Free”. The first person who wants it offers 1 Karma. A countdown begins. Other participants can offer more if they want. The winner is the person who offers the most Karma before the timer expires. The more interesting the item is, the greater the amount of Karma that the giver will receive for it.


The item stays in the feed as long as the timer is still running. The timer starts when the first person who wants the item taps on “Want it”. The duration of the timer is dynamically calculated when it starts. It depends on the urgency that was specified when the item was added, as well as the time of day. For convenience, the timer never expires during the night (in the giver’s time zone). If an item receives a bid within the last 10 minutes, then the countdown starts from 9 minutes 59 seconds once again, so that anyone who wants to could take full part.


When participants offer Karma for an item, Karma remains frozen until the end of the timer. If someone wins the item, Karma is transferred to the giver when the item is handed over. If an agreement was not reached, the winner can refuse to pick up the item, or the giver can cancel the trade. The person who posted the previous bid will become the winner, and Karma will unfreeze.


Items can be claimed for free, without Karma. But only if there is no one else who is willing to bid Karma to claim these items.


You can raise your Karma by giving items away, by bringing new participants to the app, and by supporting the project. Share items in personal messages and social networks, and also use the “Invite friends” function. You will receive bonus for every new participant that follows your link as soon as they log in to the app. For convenience, please use the “Raise Karma” button in your profile.


Interesting Facts About GiveAway


GiveAway is among the winners of various international competitions for startups.


Right now, we are working on improving the app to give your items away as convenient as possible and launch the app around the world.


We are promoting a sharing economy, the popularity of which is growing rapidly all over the world. The very concept of consumerism is changing. The essence of this is to keep only what you currently have a use for and what brings you joy, and get rid of all superfluous items. Let the things that you don’t need bring joy to others. You will enjoy giving them away and getting something else.


GiveAway is a virtual cloud for items.


  1. People add to it whatever they don’t need, but might be useful to others.
  2. Participants can easily and conveniently find what they need and claim it in a fair manner.
  3. The idea is to get items when you need them, and then to pass them on to the next owners. In this way, everyone benefits from the items for free, and items of participants can find a use for them.
  4. Karma reflects the investment that each person makes in the project. That is exactly how much they can claim in GiveAway.
  5. Karma can be received by adding items or inviting people to the app.
  6. We have also set up crowdfunding, so that everyone who finds GiveAway useful (or simply likes it) can make an investment into its development. Creating a good-quality app is complex, time-consuming, and expensive, and so your participation is important to us.


When one in ten people in a city has installed the app, more than ten thousand items will constantly be available in your area.


Our mission is to help people get rid of stuff they don’t need in a convenient and fulfilling manner, to decrease consumerism and increase sustainability, and to improve the standard of living around the globe. We want to do our part for the environment by reducing the amount of waste good-quality items ultimately become after they end up in landfills. We strive to make this process both fun and fascinating, just like life itself—if you let it! You’ve no idea how fascinating it is! 


- It’s enjoyable!

- It’s eco-friendly!

- It’s interesting!

- It’s the future we are creating right now!


Check us out, but don’t be quick to judge! GiveAway’s constantly improving, and the best is yet to come. Add items, invite friends, hang around, and develop the project with us. :)